How to Start Charcoal Without Lighter Fluid

31 Dec

The sensitivity of lighter liquid can greatly impact on the taste of your barbecue.  The lighter fluid affects the food one is cooking by either interfering with the chemical content or the smell of the food. These chemicals may appear unfit for human consumption when ingested in the body in large quantities continuously.  We encourage people to encircle the local way of starting charcoal by omitting the use of lighter fluid.   There exists a number of mechanisms available traditionally to achieve this.  Discussed below are the available methods to start char broil gas 2 coal without the use of lighter fluid.

 Firstly, let’s consider using the starter chimney to achieve this.  Papers are used here to collectively achieve this trial of lighting charcoal without the use of lighter fluid.  At the bottom of the chimney, insert some bales of newspapers.  Fix the charcoal pieces in the chimney and allowing the pieces to touch the papers at the bottom of the chimney for faster lighting of the charcoal.  At the center of the grills, start a flame the set it to be appearing from all the points of the grill to an increased surface area.  Relax and when the top appears grey in color, throw the coals into the grills and wait.  Lastly, check out that the lead-ins are open for a bigger fire set. Read this article for more info!

 Another method is the local way of using available newspapers to light up charcoal without the use of lighter fluid to do so. Here, you first open the opening and clean by removing the ashes to allow free circulation of air in the vents.  Enough space is recommended to ensure enough air is in the grill and the charcoal will burn well producing good flame.  Place some pieces of newspapers at the halfway point of the grill.  Newspapers are considered very fast in catching flames and highly encouraged for starting flames and this will make out the charcoal to start very fast than normal.  On top of the newspapers put some sticks with higher flaming points following the papers. Lastly, place some pieces of charcoal on top of your pile. Start the fire on the paper from different places to fasten the process of lighting the charcoal. Keenly observe and add some more pieces of charcoal as time goes and the other ones become grey in color and turn into ashes.

Lastly, keep in mind the following points to maintain the flame positively.  Consolidate the colas for a solid flame.  Keep growing the number of coal pieces in the grill regularly. Keep the vents open for maximum aeration. Empty the ash as it builds up.  The unused briquets to be placed well for future use and avoid environmental pollution.

 Its calm to start flame when lacking lighter fluid. To get some facts about grilling, go to

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